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There’s a lot of confusion around ranking aged domains..


Sometimes they work great and they get you a quick edge over using a brand new domain.


And sometimes they fail miserably.


Constantin Oesterling is a member of The Affiliate Lab since the beginning and is one of the top contributing members.


He’s about to take you though the whole journey of how he took a 50k search/month affiliate keyword from nowhere to page 1 using an aged domain.


You’ll learn about his technical setup, his onsite optimization strategies, and the backlinks he built in this follow-along case study.

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If you know the history of the terms White Hat and Black Hat—how they started in grainy westerns where a hat was the only way to tell the silent villain and hero apart—you may understand why I really appreciate the place of these terms in SEO.

Sure, SEO is a lot like a frontier. And Google would love you to think in terms of good and evil, but what we’re talking about today is the people who sort of stand in the middle.

The middle is a little shakier ground than most, especially after the most recent changes to one of our favorite grey hat devices: PBNs.

As an agency, your profit margins are constantly being squeezed. You have fixed overheads to manage and every process needs to be optimized to deliver the best ROI.

Everything matters with SEO but especially outreach.

If not properly managed, it has the capacity to end up being a resource drain.

Outreach is also constantly changing.  Strategies that used to be effective are becoming less so.

Naturally, with so many moving parts to your businesses, you might take your eye off outreach only to find you have developed bad habits or are not operating as effectively as you could be.


From my position as a link provider, I have the opportunity to work with a variety of different agencies.

I get to see what works and also what mistakes are common.

I’ve highlighted 7 critical mistakes that I […]

In this article, I’m going to walk you through how you can find and manage content writers. We’ll be talking from the perspective of outreach, which is our area of expertise, but most of what will be covered can be used for content writers in other areas of SEO and digital marketing.

We’ll cover where you can find writers, how you can interview and select the right writer for you, and we’ll share with you processes for managing them. There is not one way to recruit and manage content writers, but we’ll share with you our extensive experience and what helps us reduce time and increase productivity.

If you’re running your own outreach you might find some little nuggets that will help you tweak your own processes to make them more effective. If you’re looking at starting to scale your outreach,  you have everything you need in this article to get it […]