With Google constantly adapting the search algorithm it means you not only need to be thinking about what are the best SEO practices right now but also, you need to keep an eye on where Google seems to be heading.

For example, as a community, we’ve known that mobile first indexing was going to be a big deal because Google has been giving us hints for 18 months. Those that adapted their sites accordingly have not seen any negative impact from the change over to mobile first indexing, those who ignored it have not had such a seamless transition.

Link building is no different.

Google has reiterated that any type of link acquisition is against their terms and you’d be naive to think there won’t be adjustments to the algorithm that affect links.

I have put together some of the strategies you could use to future proof, or at least where you might want […]

At Authority Builders we take the quality of the sites we work with very seriously.

We have a strict verification process.

In fact, less than 13% of the sites that are interested in being promoted via the Authority Builders platform are accepted.

But this isn’t about us; it’s about you.

There are a number of different views on what makes a good quality site for a link.

Introducing the 9 steps

Try it for yourself. In this article, we are going to share with you 9 steps to audit blog post placements that leave you with sites that deliver value. It’s part of what we do at Authority Builders.

Before we talk you through the 9 steps, one important concept that some SEOs need to grasp is metrics (and not to rely on them).

A potential guest post placement is less about metrics and more about traffic, the history of the site, and signals that show the value […]

Most SEOs have their own approach to outreach or whitehat link building; however, most SEOs will also agree that the goal of outreach is to acquire link placements (from real blogs and websites with authority and traffic) that will move the needle, as cost-effectively as possible.

As with everything in SEO it’s about your ROI. And not just the direct cost, for SEOs time is money.

Because we’ve made outreach our business we are always exploring different strategies that will help to reduce costs and maximize ROI and in this article, we want to share some of those strategies.

You’re going to learn a quick way to increase your response rate on outreach emails by 268% with hardly any effort.

I want to share with […]