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There’s a lot of confusion around ranking aged domains..


Sometimes they work great and they get you a quick edge over using a brand new domain.


And sometimes they fail miserably.


Constantin Oesterling is a member of The Affiliate Lab since the beginning and is one of the top contributing members.


He’s about to take you though the whole journey of how he took a 50k search/month affiliate keyword from nowhere to page 1 using an aged domain.


You’ll learn about his technical setup, his onsite optimization strategies, and the backlinks he built in this follow-along case study.

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Foreword by Matt Diggity

Very soon I’ll be passing things over to Tom Buckland.

Tom is a very clever SEO who founded Ghost Marketing, based out of the UK.

I’d “known him” for a while on the interwebs, but we recently connected when I saw he was ramping up as an Authority Builders customer and coming to the Chiang Mai SEO Conference.

In this article he’s going to be going through a high-ROI link building campaign that he used to significantly propel his client’s organic growth.

When it comes to link building, quality is a tough metric to analyse, but one thing most SEOs will agree on in the 2019 onwards Google era is quality over quantity. I would take 10 great editorial links over 100 average links any day of the week.

Most people know that link building offers a great ROI and is a fraction of the cost […]

If you know the history of the terms White Hat and Black Hat—how they started in grainy westerns where a hat was the only way to tell the silent villain and hero apart—you may understand why I really appreciate the place of these terms in SEO.

Sure, SEO is a lot like a frontier. And Google would love you to think in terms of good and evil, but what we’re talking about today is the people who sort of stand in the middle.

The middle is a little shakier ground than most, especially after the most recent changes to one of our favorite grey hat devices: PBNs.

Forward from Matt Diggity:

This month’s guest post is from Mario Deal.

I’ve known him for quite some time being in various Facebook groups and private Skype masterminds.

Mario always came across as a clever SEO – a guy who knows how to push the needle in the SERPs.

Thus I was very excited when he said he wanted to share a success story with a high-profile client site.

In this article, you’re going to learn the exact onsite and offsite SEO plays Mario made to 4x this website’s organic traffic.

Grab your popcorn…

Foreward by Matt Diggity:In a moment, I’m going to pass the mic over to Tom De Spiegelaere.

You may have met him before when I interviewed him about his journey from client to affiliate SEO.  If you haven’t heard it, check it out.

Tom is a heavy hitter in affiliate SEO these days and member of The Affiliate Lab.

In this guest post, I’ve given him permission to discuss one of The Affiliate Lab’s techniques called the Site Size Explosion, which can be used to unstick stubborn rankings for your website.

This works for both affiliate and client/local sites.

Here we go…

Meet Tom

This is the story of how I leveraged supporting content and featured snippets to get a foothold in a competitive niche, which gave me early $$$ to invest in link building and boost my ranks in the top 5.

Without this strategy, getting in the top 5 […]

Most SEOs have their own approach to outreach or whitehat link building; however, most SEOs will also agree that the goal of outreach is to acquire link placements (from real blogs and websites with authority and traffic) that will move the needle, as cost-effectively as possible.

As with everything in SEO it’s about your ROI. And not just the direct cost, for SEOs time is money.

Because we’ve made outreach our business we are always exploring different strategies that will help to reduce costs and maximize ROI and in this article, we want to share some of those strategies.

You’re going to learn a quick way to increase your response rate on outreach emails by 268% with hardly any effort.

I want to share with […]