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eCommerce Store Revenue Skyrockets Thanks to Authority Builders

Corey Batt

Our expert link-building strategies were able to grow an established eCommerce store’s monthly revenue from $2k to $13k over a period of about 13 months.

A snapshot of an eCommerce store’s total sales

Starting in February of 2022, our team was able to take the website from general obscurity to being the top-ranked store in its area of expertise. 

The client now sees 6.5x more revenue than they did before, with many of their long-tail keywords ranking in top spots on search engines. 

The Client’s Website: An Established eCommerce Store with Existing Customers 

When the client first came to us, their online store had been operational for quite some time, and they had a loyal customer base that provided them with steady revenue.

Yet, they had hit a brick wall of sorts and weren’t seeing any growth. They were stuck at $2k a month, and they wanted to find a way to start seeing that number go up.

They were a fully established website with excellent products and helpful customer service, so there was no reason why they couldn’t see steady growth with the right link-building strategy in place. 

The Issue: Stagnant Growth and Low Domain Authority 

The client had two primary goals for our team, and they were A) to find out why they weren’t generating new customers and B) to find a way to boost their online visibility for more revenue. 

After doing a little digging, we discovered that the client’s online store had a lackluster link profile with low authority. 

Because of this, their competitors with stronger link profiles hogged the top-ranking spots on search engines, which is why they were stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

To compensate, the client’s SEO strategy relied entirely on low-volume long-tail keywords to drive their sales.

These keywords were highly specific, which means they’re great for attracting the right type of customers, but their search volume was too low to boost leads & sales by a significant margin. 

We knew that the only way to improve the client’s situation was to boost the authority of their link profile as much as we could. 

The Solution: Targeting Core Collection Keywords, Guest Posts, Auditing Existing Content 

First, we knew the client’s website wouldn’t gain any traction unless they started targeting keywords with higher search volume. 

That’s why we focused our efforts on targeting their flagship primary keyword as well as 4 core collection keywords. 

These queries had much higher search volume, and their organic traffic saw drastic improvements soon after optimizing their content. Not only that but the existing long-tail keywords they were already using reached top-ranking spots. 

Additionally, our team conducted a thorough content audit of the client’s website, and they made some interesting discoveries. 

In particular, they found some older pieces of content that had ‘striking distance’ keywords – which are keywords a piece of content could potentially rank for with some optimization. 

For example, if we find an existing keyword the client site ranks for around spot 20, it should only take a few tweaks to get it ranking in the top 10. 

We found several instances of striking distance keywords with our client’s website, so we were able to put the technique into practice. 

Thanks to the keyword retargeting, the client was able to see some ‘quick wins’ via significant boosts in traffic that came within a few weeks instead of months. 

It’s no secret that SEO and link-building strategies take quite a bit of time to start gaining traction (sometimes it can take 6 – 12 months). That’s why we pursue quick wins for our clients, as they’re a great way to fill in the gaps. While the client waits for our primary strategies to kick in, they still see boosts in traffic & revenue due to these quick win strategies. 

Uncovering high-quality guest posting opportunities

For acquiring high-authority backlinks, our strategy involved a combination of targeted guest posts using ABC Plus. 

Our team was able to find plenty of relevant websites that accept guest posts in the client’s niche, and we didn’t waste any time reaching out to as many as possible. 

Yet, to avoid search engine penalties & building an unhealthy link profile, we vetted each backlink opportunity rigorously. 

Only domains with excellent metrics lived up to our standards, and the client’s link profile was strengthened considerably as a result. 

The Results: 6.5x More Monthly Revenue, Top-Ranking Keywords, The Dominant Player in its Niche 

The results?

The client’s online store became the dominant player in its space, and revenue began to skyrocket. After approximately 13 months, their monthly revenue grew by 6.5x, shooting from $2k to $13k – with no sign of stopping in the near future. 

Their link profile saw massive improvements, and they were finally able to compete with and even surpass other websites in their niche. 

They also saw a ton more organic visitors, seeing a 105% improvement after implementing our strategies:

A graph representing an ecommerce store’s visitors over time

The dotted line represents the number of sessions and organic visitors the client’s site saw in March 2022 (which was when we were first developing our strategy). 

The solid blue line represents where the site is now, which is lightyears beyond where they were before. 

To summarize, we were able to meet both of the client’s goals with our link-building strategies. Not only were we able to boost their revenue by a significant margin, but we also pinpointed why they weren’t finding new customers. Now the client’s online store is the dominant player in their field, and the sky’s the limit for what they can do next. 

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