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We recently ran a contest asking SEO experts for their best answers to the question:

What Skills and Characteristics Make a Great SEO?

97 people participated in this study.

From the data we were able to define three main archetypes that successful SEOs fall into.

Which one are you?

Let us know in the comments.

If you know the history of the terms White Hat and Black Hat—how they started in grainy westerns where a hat was the only way to tell the silent villain and hero apart—you may understand why I really appreciate the place of these terms in SEO. Sure, SEO is a lot like a frontier. And Google would love you to think in terms of good and evil, but what we’re talking about today is the people who sort of stand in the middle. The middle is a little shakier ground than most, especially after the most recent changes to one of our favorite grey hat devices: PBNs.

Forward from Matt Diggity:

This month’s guest post is from Mario Deal. I’ve known him for quite some time being in various Facebook groups and private Skype masterminds. Mario always came across as a clever SEO - a guy who knows how to push the needle in the SERPs. Thus I was very excited when he said he wanted to share a success story with a high-profile client site. In this article, you're going to learn the exact onsite and offsite SEO plays Mario made to 4x this website's organic traffic. Grab your popcorn... [toc]

With Google constantly adapting the search algorithm it means you not only need to be thinking about what are the best SEO practices right now but also, you need to keep an eye on where Google seems to be heading. For example, as a community, we’ve...

As an agency, your profit margins are constantly being squeezed. You have fixed overheads to manage and every process needs to be optimized to deliver the best ROI. Everything matters with SEO but especially outreach. If not properly managed, it has the capacity to end up being...

At Authority Builders we take the quality of the sites we work with very seriously. We have a strict verification process. In fact, less than 13% of the sites that are interested in being promoted via the Authority Builders platform are accepted. But this isn't about us; it's...