Benefits Of High Quality Citations

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  • What Are Citations?

  • Citations are entries in online business directories where your business' name, address, phone number (NAP), and sometimes a link (typically nofollow) to your website are created.

  • They are extremely helpful in boosting rankings for local businesses, especially in the map pack.

  • Alternatively, they're great for building a trusted foundation of offsite references for national businesses and affiliate websites ( see case study ).

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Yes, you'll receive a full downloadable report that includes all of the citations we've hand built for you, including logins.
Yes, we precheck for duplicates so you don't get any repeats.
Typically, business citations will include nofollow links, instead of dofollow. However, some of the directories we submit to indeed have dofollow links. Some directories don't provide any clickable link at all. Nonetheless, dofollow link building is not the goal of citations. Instead, citations should be looked at as creating a foundation of trust and establishing relevance around a particular location via the name, address, and phone number (NAP).
All citations are submit to industry-standard indexing services. While we cannot guarantee that all citations will get indexed (that usually has more to do with the directory than anything else), most citations will be indexed in about 15-20 days.
Websites (like affiliate sites) can still leverage the benefits of citations without a physical location or a Google My Business (GMB) registration. Use a real address that is unique and has never been used before as a GMB.