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How it works?

  • We perform in-house reasearch based on your ideas and concepts.
  • We translate the keypoints into a stunning infographic.
  • That infographic can be used for effective marketing and link building (which we can provide).

Why Use Infographics?

1. Boost in On-Page Time

People only read approximately 20 percent of the written content on any website. With a visual like an infographic users stay on page which is a ranking factor on Google.

2. Boost in Social Shares

Visual content is likely to be shared 40 times more on social media platforms than text content.

3. Better results for Link building Campaigns

Since people are more likely to visual content, infographics boost your backlinks and overall SEO results.

4. Boost Conversions

Interactive visual content boosts conversions by 70 percent. With our descriptive infographics, you can expect a rise in conversions.

Our Design Method


Our team consists of individuals who possess in-depth research skills, flawless design abilities, editorial and strategic foresight. They brainstorm on how to create an infographic that resonates with your readers. We build our graphic design strategies on future trends, industry statistics, branding, and workable steps.


We scope out the probable size of the infographic and create an outline of key points for visualization. Next, our expert designers come up with a framework to give you a feel of how your brand's message is gradually coming together visually for your audience.


In this design stage, our designers meticulously adhere to all your guidelines and our research findings to turn the approved phase 3 design framework into a cutting-edge infographic using state-of-the-art graphic tools.


In this phase, our team of experts reviews the completed infographic and after approval by our in-house editors, we deliver the infographic to you.


We perform infographic-based link building and perform an outreach campaign, leveraging your high-quality infographic.



  • + Up to 10 data points/elements
  • + Custom Design Concepts
  • + Quality Graphics
  • + Visible Branding
  • + Editable Graphics Files Delivery
  • + 1 revision
  • + Turnaround time: 10 Days


20% OFF


  • + Up to 30 data points/elements
  • + Custom Design Concepts
  • + Quality Graphics with Custom Characters and Icons
  • + Visible Branding
  • + Editable Graphics Files Delivery
  • + 2 revision
  • + Turnaround time: 14 Days (pending revisions)



Our starter plan is for clients who intend to keep costs low and have basic design requirements. It's an excellent fit if you're looking to boost backlinks via infographic shares. However, the starter plan does not include revisions. The gold and premium packages include more in-depth design details and 1 revision and unlimited revisions respectively, to ensure your expectations are met.
We strive to give our clients top-notch service consistently. However, if you don’t get what you expect, we offer 1 revision for the silver package, 1 revision for the gold package, and 2 revisions for the platinum package. With that said, you may not require revisions at all, even though it’s available for all packages as we aim to give you what you’ll love the first time around.
Absolutely. Regardless of your package, we design all infographics to fit in naturally with your website’s color scheme and branding. Except if you don't require your infographic to be branded.
The length of an infographic depends on the number of statistics or elements/data points you require for the infographic. The silver package only permits 10 elements/data points, but the gold and premium design allow 20 & 30 elements/data points for one infographic respectively.
You can use infographics on your social media pages, advertisement campaigns, newsletters, blog posts, reports, websites, news articles, etc
Infographics are perfect for when you want to highlight industry statistics or data sets, create flowcharts or timelines, reveal survey outcomes, simplify complex ideas or processes. You can also use infographics when you need to boost content value and web traffic via social shares.


Tom De Spiegelaere
Amichay Shemesh
Will Tribe
I'm a big sucker for services that take up as little of my personal time as possible, and this service definitely delivers here.

Overall, everything went extremely smooth, was very well priced, and the TAT was on point, huge thumbs up from me!.

I created some infographics over the years, and to be honest the one they created was the best I have got.

As far as the outreach campaign goes, these guys know how to build links.

The links I got were real, have traffic, and you can't find them on the marketplace.

We were very impressed by the Authority Builders Infographic Outreach Service. The infographic itself was excellent, with detailed yet understandable information clearly laid out.

The outreach campaign was excellent, it brought us high quality and relevant links, all within quick turnaround time. I highly recommend this service.