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Medical Site Grows Traffic by 1190% with Authority Builders

Corey Batt

In March of 2022, a client running a medical niche website requested our services to build their authority and generate more organic traffic. 

The website was relatively new, and little-to-no backlinking had been done, so we knew that we’d have to close the link gap between the client’s site and their competitors. 

Our efforts were successful, as the client’s website saw dramatic increases in domain authority and organic traffic (an 1190% increase) over a period of around 13 months. 

Not only that, but the site now ranks in the top 3 for the highest-value keywords in its niche, and we’re in the process of obtaining backlinks via HARO to push them all to the top spot. 

A graph representing a client’s increased referring domains and organic traffic over a 12-month period.ent’s organic traffic growth

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The Client: A Brand-New Medical Website Offering Localized Services 

The client ran a medical business offering local services in their city, and their website was practically brand-new. 

Because of this, virtually no SEO or link-building work had been done for the site, so we were basically starting from scratch. 

While starting from the bottom has its drawbacks, we also knew it was the perfect chance to display the effectiveness of our expert link-building strategies – as any growth & success the client saw would be an unfiltered, direct result of our efforts.

They were a local business, so we knew we needed to target popular local keywords in their city, as well as acquire strong links from relevant local businesses. 

Also, the client was eager to expand the services that they offered, which they would be able to do once our campaign started to gain traction. 

The Challenge: Building Authority and Generating Traffic for a Virtually Unknown Website 

The client wanted us to build their domain authority and get them ranking in top spots for hot local keywords. 

It was a tall task, but our team was more than up for the challenge. 

When we kicked off our campaign in March 2022, the client’s domain rating was an abysmal 3.8 – which, while expected for a newer website, meant that we would have to waste no time building as many links as possible for each page to close the competitor gap. 

If our client wanted to rank higher, they’d need to at least raise their domain rating to match or exceed the competition. 

Since they were a local business, we targeted the flagship medical keywords in their city for their homepage, as well as their secondary service pages (that promoted the services they provide to locals). 

Our goal is always to build a healthy link profile that spreads the equity out to all pages instead of only having a few pages with valuable links. That creates a link gap, where only some of the website benefits from the link equity – leading to a less-than-ideal link profile. 

That’s why our goal was to build plenty of links for each page, all while ensuring each link was high-quality and authoritative. 

Ultimately, the client wanted to become an authority figure in their field, seeing more organic traffic and boosting online visibility as a result. 

Our Strategy: Targeting Local Keywords, Building Authoritative Local Links to Close the Competitor Gap 

Our primary goal was to boost the client’s domain rating by as significant a margin as we could. Secondary to that would be increasing their rankings for the most popular local keywords in their niche. 

The ‘authority play’ strategy focused on closing the link gap between the client’s site and their competition. 

As stated previously, their domain rating sat at 3.8 when we started our campaign, and we were able to get it to skyrocket after a few months.

Equity-wise, our plan was to evenly spread out the links we built between the homepage and secondary service pages. 

As time went on, our client was eager to expand the services they offered, thanks to the initial successes of our campaign. Due to the increased traffic & revenue, they were able to create new service pages, and our team beefed up the number of links we were building each month. 

This proved to be a highly effective combination that had a compounding effect. 

The more links we were able to build, the more services the client could offer, which gave us opportunities to build even more links. 

When building links, our tactics included the following:

  • Acquiring local citations 
  • Getting listed in local directories
  • Guest posting on relevant & authoritative websites 
  • Acquiring backlinks through HARO 


Our team also created helpful content for the client’s target audience that included the top 3 keywords in their niche. 

The Results: A 1190% Boost in Organic Traffic, Significantly Better Domain Rating, Ranking in the Top 3 for Target Keywords 

It didn’t take long for our efforts to begin to bear fruit, as the client saw almost immediate spikes in traffic and referring domains after a few months (the first spike occurred in late May after we started in March). 

Once the client started to see results, they expanded their services, and we kicked things up a notch in terms of how many links we built each month. 

This led to an impressive compounding effect where the client’s traffic grew by a whopping 1190% over a 13-month period. 

The client’s domain rating was also drastically improved, which allowed them to improve their keyword rankings significantly. 

In fact, the website now ranks in the top 3 results for each flagship keyword, a far cry from where they were just a year prior. 

Additionally, we’re currently pursuing authoritative backlinks via HARO to push their content into the #1 spot for each keyword. They’re now a dominant player in their niche, and their revenue has grown significantly since enlisting our services in March 2022. 

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