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Frequently Asked Questions

You select the site(s) you want your link featured on and send us your URL and desired anchor text. Then we reach out to the webmaster to confirm your content topic will be accepted. Once we receive confirmation and can guarantee placement, we send you an invoice.

We then create a niche relevant article with your link included and submit it to the webmaster. Once the article is posted, we send you the live URL where it's located.

We block the website URLs for new users to keep our database protected from the big G, and also from people looking to steal our list.

We understand many agencies may require to see URLs before ordering, and for this reason for our regular customers we will share URLs to ensure the website meets their qualifications before they place an order.

Please email sales@authority.builders if you would like more information.

Our links are about as safe as you can get. We create niche relevant articles and frame content so that from Google's perspective the webmaster wrote a relevant article, and chose to link to your website since it's a relevant resource.

Yes. We offer discounts on a case by case basis on bulk orders and would be happy to shower you with discounts.

Simply email sales@authority.builders to see what we can do for you!

No. All of the websites on our platform are REAL websites with REAL traffic. We take extreme precautions to ensure all websites that we promote are in fact real authority sites...

Our process looks like this:

- We first check each site in the WayBack Machine to ensure it's never been dropped or expired and re-registered.

- We check the traffic the site is getting via SimilarWeb to ensure it's getting organic search traffic.

- We analyze the backlinks of each domains in Majestic to ensure there aren't many Deleted backlinks, and to make sure each website has strong backlinks (link juice).

No. All of the links are placed within a niche relevant article and are normally located on an inner page. However many of the websites/blogs on the platform will feature the posts on their homepage.

Yes. We made this service with agencies in mind. All of the links we sell are placed on high authority websites and will look great if shown to your clients. We highly recommend showing our link placements to impress your clients.

Since we don't own most of the websites on our platform, we can't guarantee a specific turnaround time. However, most orders are completed within 7-10 days after invoice is paid. Premium Editorial orders, on the otherhand, are completed within 4-6 weeks time after invoice is paid.

Since all of the websites we have access to are real English websites, linking to foreign websites can be tricky. If you have a request for foreign websites, please email sales@authority.builders.

Yes. We work with a number of agencies and companies managing both small and large link building campaigns. To speak with us about custom outreach campaigns / white label link building, please email sales@authority.builders.

We currently only accept Paypal. Once we can guarantee link placement for your order, we will send you an invoice via Paypal.

Our links should remain live permanently and should never be removed. We are currently offering a 365 day money back guarantee.

If your link is removed for whatever reason within a year, we will automatically refund you the full purchase price. If it's been longer than a year and it's removed, we can reach out to the webmaster and ask them to re-post the article. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.

Yes, all the websites on our platform offer do-follow links. We don't sell no-follow links, only do-follow.

No blog post is ever sponsored and will not state it's sponsored on the content anywhere! No author boxes.

Yes. However, you will be refunded anything minus costs incurred to us.